6 Ways to make a rich man addicted to you

fall in love with a rich man

When you're just dating with your potential partner on the best rich men dating websites, what can you do to get him addicted to you? What do you need to do if you want to attract him? If you're ready for a long-term, stable relationship, here are 6 ways to make a rich man addicted to you:

How to make him addicted to you?

This man is slowly attracted to you, but you want him to become addicted to you so that he can't satisfy your perfect self!

But when you recall to him years later the details that made him addicted to you, you feel like you're too inexperienced. So let's take a look at the experts' suggestions:

1. Show your confidence to him

Confidence is one of the most important tools appealing to others, both men and women. How much does self-confidence affect a person? Take two kinds of men to compare!

person is very shy, every time you see you, you can feel that he wants to say hello to you, but every time you look at him, he walks away.

The other person is always unafraid of your eyes, making eye contact with everyone. He smiles a lot and makes you feel like you are the only woman in the world.

Which one is more attractive? I guess the confident one. Being confident not only helps you gain favor with your boss, but it also makes you more attractive to others. If he sees that you don't need his or anyone's approval and you're going your way, he becomes addicted to you.

If you don't have 100% confidence in yourself, do it. Everyone can increase their self-confidence. You just need the right tools and the will to change.

2. Be genuinely interested in his hobbies and interests

Notice that when you show interest in his interests and hobbies, it must be real, not fake. Because if you don't really like, he can feel. You may not be interested in his hobby at first. Take your time and try to listen more. Of course, don't play with your phone or let your mind wander while listening. Respond to him when appropriate and ask questions. This will make it obvious to him that you want to be in his world.

3. Show him you're vulnerable

When you open your heart to a man, you are telling him that you trust him enough and that you value something. It could be because of your insecurities, a bad past relationship, or how you feel about him.

Most women who have been hurt by their feelings find it difficult to fully open up to the next man. Their vest fear of being hurt by a man again closes themselves off.

However, if you want to find love again, communicating with him is something you must do. Not only will it make you irresistible, but it will also help you heal past wounds and open your heart to new love.

Start by sharing small things with him. Get a text message from him first thing in the morning. It might make you smile. As time goes on, you will gradually become more and more open.

4. Be free...But don't be too free

If you're available every time he texts, calls or wants to date you, he won't feel challenged.

But if you're waiting to respond to a text or tell him you're busy Friday night, he'll prioritize you so you can allocate more time to him.

When he texts you or calls you for a date, don't respond positively. Tell him you need to check to see if there's anything urgent to do and get back to him.

So mute your phone. Charge in another room.

Make plans with your friends. Keep doing what you love. Set him up when you have time.

If you live a full life, it's not hard for you to spend less time with men.

5. Be yourself

If you get divorced and start dating again, you may feel like you don't really know yourself. You're not the girl who started dating in her 20s. I know you might have different dating styles (should you have a casual fling? Can you date more than one guy at a time? But deep down, you know who you are.

Let him see the real you. Don't feel like you need to hide your quirks and quirks. The right person will fall in love with you because of these things, not because of these things.

6. Show him you enjoy being with him in subtle ways

Every time you hear his bell, you get butterflies in your stomach. When you kiss him, you feel yourself floating. You may think these things are obvious to him, but they may not be.

So let him know. Share your feelings with him and you will make him addicted to you. This makes a man feel fulfilled.

Remember, you just do yourself to make a rich man falling in love with you and addicted to you. You don't need to waste hours putting on elaborate makeup, styling your hair for every date, or wearing a sexy dress to make a man want you. If the chemistry is right, the two of you will become addicted to each other and you will have a romantic love story.

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